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Welcome to my mentorship blog

My goal here is to teach you how to build applications.

I'm starting this blog because I've been spending a ton of time doing 1:1 Mentorship with a number of people IRL. This started recently when one of my best friends started learning how to code as part of a larger desire to change careers.

I realized that I could help him move a lot faster on his journey by doing a structured mentorship with him via 1-on-1 sessions. These sessions range from long form conversations about programming, theoretical computer science, the software engineering industry, etc, to pair programming and working through some code together.

Now I have 3 people that I'm actively mentoring in this manner, and I've been repeating myself a lot with some of the material. This blog is an attempt to distill some of my 1:1 lesson plans down into written/audio form so that I can stop repeating myself.

It's also my hope that a few other people might stumble across this information and get something out of it. It does triple the amount of energy I'm putting into every session for my students, but if it helps even one person get started on their journey, I think it's worth my time.

This site will probably have all sorts of issues. Missing links, unfinished rants, unanswered questions. Honestly I'm already putting more energy than I want to into this content and I'm ready to move on. If you find any holes/gaps please message me and I will answer your questions, fix the site, fill whatever gap I've left in my writing.

These are designed to be part of a larger 1:1 conversation with me, so the reality is that outsiders will have a different perspective on the content.

Who am I?

My name is Ty. I'm a software engineer with 11 years of industry experience. I currently work at Meta, and I love it. I have long term aspirations of starting a non-profit to teach kids how to code. You can find me on linkedin and twitter.

How to navigate this site

This site will have a couple of things. Free-form blog posts. And blog posts that are part of a larger and more long-winded roadmap. The roadmaps will be designed for my 1:1 students. The open-ended blog posts will allow me to rant about my thoughts, things I'm learning, etc, without clouding up the roadmap for my personal mentees.

Here are some of the components you will find throughout this website.

Normal Text

Normal text looks like this. Super exciting.

Code Blocks

// Woohoo, a comment!
const whatever = "lamesauce";

function hail(person) {
    console.log(`Oy, ${person}!`);

Ask me questions on twitter or email me at ty@tytr.dev